Car Show

It’s sad to say, but the Car Show is no more…

The Upper Merion Police Association would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all of those who dedicated their time and effort to make the Car Show possible for many years.  Without their days of hard work, creativity, and loyalty to the event, it would have never been as successful as it was.  Also, THANK YOU to all of those who helped us over the years through your participation and sponsorships.  It was a pleasure to have the opportunity of viewing your vehicles that you dedicated so much time and money into.


The Upper Merion Police Association hosted an annual Car and Truck Show within the township. It was one of our fundraisers the association plans each year to help continue to support our organization and more importantly, give back to the community in which we serve. The day of the Car and Truck Show, people came from all over to show off their prize-winning vehicles. We offered trophies, food, music, raffle prizes and more to make for an enjoyable day.